Body, Mind & Fighting Spirit

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Our Story

Self Combat's Mission is to fulfill the human spirit through strengthening of the body and mind. 


As the Founder and Owner of Self Combat, Sean Lally  has developed a system and mindset based on his own experiences and education. Experience as an Army Ranger, Professional MMA fighter and certified personal trainer, Sean has spent countless hours working towards his own physical goals. 


Even though Sean has worked hard to get where he is today, not all of his experiences have been in the light. He has battled alcoholism and addiction, and has fallen into extreme dark mental places throughout his life. However, after years of highs and lows, Sean discovered a better way of life. Since then, he has been on a mission to share what he's learned with others. 


Self Combat is the platform he has created to spread the message of a healthy lifestyle and help others become the best versions of themselves. We take a physical training approach first, but offer insight into the benefits of strengthening the mind and spirit for optimal success!

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